I hope to not only document your special day, but to contribute to it, by helping you cherish it. It's your day, your time, to celebrate, to commit, to kiss, to cry, to party til midnight (or maybe just 9pm if you're a mom like me!) 
I can't wait to find those sweet candid moments as they happen and to help you create beautiful connection to be represented in your photographs.
Are you living your "Love Story?" If you think "You Belong With Me,"
"Speak Now" and let me come along.

You might find me on a walk with all of my boys (husband, two sons, and golden retriever). You'll most likely find me with an iced coffee in my hand. You may find me watching The Office or Friends for the umpteenth time. You'll definitely hear me listening to Taylor (yes, I'm a Swiftie) if I'm working, or Elevation Worship if I'm driving and need to release the stress of the day.  Most importantly, you'll find me in love. You might notice a heartfelt smile while I'm capturing a wedding moment, because those personal, written vows just get me every time. I'm in love with my family, practicing my art, and the couples I photograph.

your photographer

a little bit about

Life and weddings don't always go as we plan. With patience and understanding, it can still be amazing, even more than we dreamed.

roll with it


One of my favorite memories is helping a bride through a moment of anxiety by teaching her a quick breathing technique. I'm there for you in more ways than taking your photos.



I want to capture the pure happiness that the presence of your love brings...that welling up and spilling over joy. And a little cheesy prompt might help us get there.

joy...and a little cheese


I believe there is nothing better than watching a sunrise with someone I love. I'm in awe every time of the incredible colors and powerful Creator.

light & love


I have literally always loved taking photos since I got my first little 35mm point and shoot camera at the age of eight. I remember the excitement of picking up a package of developed film. About ten years ago, I purchased my first DSLR camera, and I just recently upgraded to a mirrorless...and I'm so in love!!!
In 2021, I decided to make my photographing hobby an official business. Now, in 2023, I've redesigned my brand with a focus on capturing love stories.

how did it all begin?


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